References and Links

WIEB CM/ECF & Pacer Local Site - File documents in the Eastern District or review the docket and claims register

WIEB Court Homepage - Local Rules, Model Plan, Amendment to Model Plan, Forms, etc.

United States Trustee - Approved Credit Counseling agencies, Debtor Education providers, state domestic support enforcement agencies for notice, means testing information - Use to calculate interest on secured claims

Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA)

United States Department of Justice

United States Courts

Federal Bankruptcy Code

United States Attorneys

Legislative Information

United States Senate

House of Representatives

The White House

Other Federal Government Sites

American Bankruptcy Institute

TFS Electronic Fund Transfer

National Data Center (NDC)

Trustees' Education Network (TEN) - Finally Financial Freedom

Information on Bankruptcy

NACTT Online
[National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees]

U.S. Trustee Program
[United States Trustee Program overseeing Standing Chapter 13 Trustees]

National Bankruptcy Review Commission
[Federal study of needed changes to bankruptcy law]

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
[Association for Attorneys Practicing Bankruptcy Law]

Kelly Blue Book

Internal Revenue Expense Guidelines

Bureau of Labor Statistics

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