The best way to make your plan successful is to have a payroll order in effect from the beginning of your plan. This relieves you of the obligation to budget a plan payment. Your employer will simply deduct your plan payment from your wages and send it directly to the Trustee at the payment address.

If you have your payments deducted from your wages, you must check your payroll stub each pay period to insure that your plan payment was deducted timely and in the correct amount. If there is a payroll order in effect and the employer does not deduct the plan payment, you must make the plan payment timely and in full by money order or cashier’s check mailed to the plan payment address. You should then check with your payroll department to determine why the payroll order is not being honored by the employer.

If during your Chapter 13 Plan, you change jobs, send the Trustee information regarding your new employer so a Wage Order can be issued to your new employer. The following information is needed:

  • New Employer's Name
  • New Employer's payroll address
  • How often you are paid (weekly, bi-weekly, semimonthly, monthly)

You may send your new payroll information via email ( fax, or mail.

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